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Friday, October 19th, 2018
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Northern Virginia Computer Systems is now Teknik IT Management and Data Security

Our name has changed, but our dedication to serving all your business technology needs never will.

We are excited to announce that we have recently changed our business name from Northern Virginia Computer Systems, Inc. to Teknik IT Management and Data Security, Inc.The name change has come about as we have expanded our service area over the years and found that the current name causes difficulties by tying us to a specific region. By changing to this new name, it removes that restriction and more accurately reflects our mission to serve as your outsourced IT department while preserving the good reputation we have had for over thirteen years.

There has been no change in ownership, management or staff and it is business as usual here. We will continue to provide the same fine service and products on which we have built our standing in the industry.

Visit our new website at www.teknikitmds.com

It is becoming increasingly important that business create presence - and the internet is a great place to establish presence and extend your reach beyond the physical community.

A well designed website can do wonders for generating leads and interest in your products and services, can serve as a central location for marketing efforts, and can be used to interact with your customers and provided extended services.

The problem?

Web development can be very costly, consume a lot of time, and involves a lot of complex technology that requires an equally complex skillset to manage.

The solution.

Utilizing the PD-go! system, Teknik IT can help you coordinate, design, and launch your new company website. With about 90 minutes of training, you'll be able to update your website with fresh content whenever you need to. No need to call up a designer and work into their schedule. Simply login, make your changes, and hit the Save button.

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